Irish Times Simplex Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Interwoven strands braids 6 letters PLAITS
Careful to avoid dangers 8 letters CAUTIOUS
Reach an agreement or become calm 6 letters SETTLE
Censure severely 8 letters CHASTISE
Routes tracks 5 letters PATHS
Happening often 9 letters RECURRENT
Young of certain animals 3 letters CUB
Electronic medium of communication 5 letters RADIO
Clothing apparel 6 letters ATTIRE
Flat caps 6 letters BERETS
Grand meal 5 letters FEAST
Institute legal proceedings 3 letters SUE
Publicise promote 9 letters ADVERTISE
High quality porcelain 5 letters CHINA
Warmheartedness consideration 8 letters KINDNESS
Moulding on a wall 6 letters COVING
Catastrophe calamity 8 letters DISASTER
Young swan 6 letters CYGNET
Travel document 8 letters PASSPORT
Height above sea-level 8 letters ALTITUDE
It magnifies distant objects 9 letters TELESCOPE
Improvised or impromptu 5 letters ADHOC
Paralysing weapon 5 letters TASER
Expresses one’s view 6 letters OPINES
Afternoon nap 6 letters SIESTA
Civilised and refined 6 letters URBANE
Type of sub-machine gun 3 letters UZI
Threw lightly 6 letters TOSSED
Communal dining-hall 9 letters REFECTORY
Conjuror illusionist 8 letters MAGICIAN
Having no deviations 8 letters STRAIGHT
Rodent 3 letters RAT
Made sounds like a dog 6 letters BARKED
Occurrences happenings 6 letters EVENTS
Surfaces for ice- or roller-skating 5 letters RINKS
Offspring or edition 5 letters ISSUE

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