Irish Times Simplex Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Extinct reptile 8 letters DINOSAUR
Is sire out of these flowers? 6 letters IRISES
Imperial weights 6 letters OUNCES
Mythical hero vulnerable only through his heel 8 letters ACHILLES
First in time 6 letters OLDEST
Articles of clothing 8 letters GARMENTS
Layer row 4 letters TIER
Yielded to another’s wishes 7 letters ACCEDED
Mexican drink 7 letters TEQUILA
She stars in Born Free and Frozen films 4 letters ELSA
Appreciation shown by clapping 8 letters APPLAUSE
Begins 6 letters STARTS
Last-born 8 letters YOUNGEST
Blank space around a text 6 letters MARGIN
Change liquid to solid 6 letters FREEZE
Monies in return for labour 8 letters EARNINGS
Relating to sight 6 letters VISUAL
Strong building material 8 letters CONCRETE
Container for magnetic tape 8 letters CASSETTE
Put into a proper order 7 letters ARRANGE
Lose moisture and die 6 letters WITHER
Angler’s assistant 6 letters GILLIE
Base for a statue 8 letters PEDESTAL
Aesthetic endeavours 4 letters ARTS
Beware the … of March (Julius Caesar) 4 letters IDES
Cabinet for storage 8 letters CUPBOARD
Sitting duck defenceless victim 8 letters EASYMARK
Fearless 8 letters UNAFRAID
Tanned animal skin 7 letters LEATHER
Desired strongly 6 letters LONGED
Rough bumpy 6 letters UNEVEN
Objects 6 letters THINGS

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