Irish Times Simplex Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

English painter and policeman 9 letters CONSTABLE
They show exceptional courage 6 letters HEROES
Amounts paid before they’re earned 8 letters ADVANCES
Make a selection 6 letters CHOOSE
Apples and oranges 6 letters FRUITS
Reflection of sound wave 4 letters ECHO
Expenditures outlays 5 letters COSTS
Change slightly to fit 6 letters ADJUST
Stops refrains from 7 letters DESISTS
Bram Stoker’s gothic vampire 7 letters DRACULA
Without equal unparalleled 6 letters UNIQUE
Boundaries of a surface 5 letters EDGES
It’s for the birds 4 letters NEST
Of genetically different groups of people 6 letters RACIAL
Shaped lumps of bread 6 letters LOAVES
Only small parts of them are seen above water 8 letters ICEBERGS
Spatter with liquid 6 letters SPLASH
Contract or promise 9 letters AGREEMENT
Instructions commands 6 letters ORDERS
Inactive motionless 6 letters STATIC
Right or means of entry 6 letters ACCESS
Most luxurious in growth 7 letters LUSHEST
Way of doing something 6 letters METHOD
Hawaiian capital 8 letters HONOLULU
Absolutely necessary 9 letters ESSENTIAL
The one in this runs the meeting 5 letters CHAIR
Lower digits 4 letters TOES
Having no smell 9 letters ODOURLESS
Appropriate fitting 8 letters SUITABLE
Tall woody plants 5 letters TREES
Measure of a surface 4 letters AREA
Fetching collecting 7 letters GETTING
Discomfort or apprehension 6 letters UNEASE
Republic whose mythology is widely known 6 letters GREECE
Utter a piercing cry 6 letters SCREAM
Edge border 6 letters MARGIN

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