Irish Times Simplex Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Tough fibrous tissue in the body 8 letters LIGAMENT
Inconsiderate harsh 6 letters UNKIND
A B or C 6 letters LETTER
Test of a performer’s suitability 8 letters AUDITION
Slow-moving slugs 6 letters SNAILS
Attractive in a strong imposing way 8 letters HANDSOME
Matured 4 letters AGED
Luke or John say 7 letters APOSTLE
Bram Stoker’s gothic vampire 7 letters DRACULA
Besides moreover 4 letters ALSO
Rob Morse of his strange hat 8 letters SOMBRERO
Small representative part 6 letters SAMPLE
But the … of these is love (Bible) 8 letters GREATEST
A gentle wind 6 letters BREEZE
Putting a question to 6 letters ASKING
Obscured a part of a text for legal or security reasons 8 letters REDACTED
Bird of town and wood 6 letters PIGEON
… of industry and … of the sea 8 letters CAPTAINS
Act of retaliation 8 letters REPRISAL
Briefcase or diplomat 7 letters ATTACHE
Unexpected without warning 6 letters SUDDEN
Boots with blades or wheels 6 letters SKATES
Casual free and easy 8 letters INFORMAL
Finds the sum 4 letters ADDS
Toothed wheel mechanism 4 letters GEAR
Movement towards a goal 8 letters PROGRESS
Unopened flowers 8 letters ROSEBUDS
The buying and selling of goods and services 8 letters COMMERCE
Hangs around 7 letters LOITERS
South American state 6 letters BRAZIL
It’s measured in joules or ergs 6 letters ENERGY
More indolent 6 letters LAZIER

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