Irish Times Simplex Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Feeling sorrow for sins 8 letters CONTRITE
In the arms of Morpheus 6 letters ASLEEP
Canine limb on a golf course 6 letters DOGLEG
Fantastic really great 8 letters TERRIFIC
Light teasing repartee 6 letters BANTER
Aesthetically pleasing 8 letters ARTISTIC
Inactive or lazy 4 letters IDLE
Two-wheeler 7 letters SCOOTER
Finding fault constantly 7 letters NAGGING
Consumes food 4 letters EATS
Bring to an end slowly 8 letters WINDDOWN
Visual perceptions 6 letters SIGHTS
Table of days and dates 8 letters CALENDAR
A day of rest in the West 6 letters SUNDAY
Room below ground 6 letters CELLAR
Not fit to eat 8 letters INEDIBLE
Colombian capital 6 letters BOGOTA
Small dagger and high heel 8 letters STILETTO
Ladies’ underwear 8 letters LINGERIE
In the middle 7 letters CENTRAL
Vividly coloured bird 6 letters PARROT
Friendly helpful nations 6 letters ALLIES
The act of making up your mind 8 letters DECISION
It’s paid by a tenant 4 letters RENT
Made marks on a surface 4 letters DREW
Average weather conditions in various locations 8 letters CLIMATES
Judged the worth of 8 letters ASSESSED
Exceedingly large 8 letters GIGANTIC
Robot with human appearance and computer operating system 7 letters ANDROID
Profoundly 6 letters DEEPLY
Instructions commands 6 letters ORDERS
Tracks paths 6 letters TRAILS

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