Irish Times Simplex Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Simplex Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Conferred an award as a mark of respect 8 letters HONOURED
Deceptions or illusions 6 letters TRICKS
Provides conclusive evidence for 6 letters PROVES
Wholly and completely 8 letters ENTIRELY
Keep possession of 6 letters RETAIN
Components or weather conditions 8 letters ELEMENTS
Piece of luggage and a lawyer’s proceeding 4 letters CASE
Judge to decide a disputed issue 7 letters ARBITER
Real not counterfeit 7 letters GENUINE
Fe 4 letters IRON
Headlong rush of a group in panic 8 letters STAMPEDE
Spiny succulent plant 6 letters CACTUS
Cold-shouldered paid no attention to 8 letters SLIGHTED
Heads off prevents from happening 6 letters AVERTS
Toward land from water 6 letters ASHORE
Towards the sheltered side 8 letters LEEWARDS
Origin root 6 letters SOURCE
Greek dish on a skewer 8 letters SOUVLAKI
… of mind the ability to remain calm and act quickly 8 letters PRESENCE
Sticks to 7 letters ADHERES
Carved or cast figure 6 letters STATUE
Ferocious savage 6 letters FIERCE
Bony framework 8 letters SKELETON
Toy building-bricks 4 letters LEGO
Extremely dry 4 letters ARID
Without pity or compassion 8 letters RUTHLESS
Enclosed territories 8 letters ENCLAVES
A personification of the US 8 letters UNCLESAM
Promptly and willingly 7 letters READILY
Larva of a fly 6 letters MAGGOT
One or the other 6 letters EITHER
Disorderly messy 6 letters UNTIDY

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