Irish Times Crosaire Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Is not far behind suffering from heat exhaustion following the footprints of course 13 letters HOTONTHETRAIL
Fine around Utah for going to gents toilet in that frame of mind 7 letters OUTLOOK
Recalls officer from firm having memory of the state of Africa? 7 letters MOROCCO
Gets rid of T-shirts out of thriftiness – how is that just dandy? 4 letters FINE
Find one’s feet with a girl from Stalingrad 5 letters STAND
All the rage at church in Wexford 4 letters INCH
Tribute in verse to what’s held up by turtledoves 3 letters ODE
Illustration is against one on Luas train 6 letters VISUAL
The poorest area at bottom of road with unfinished place 6 letters FAVELA
Moving can be miserable 7 letters PITIFUL
Ulster politician in House of Commons from centre of Upper Bann in Ireland is the arbitrator 6 letters UMPIRE
Deny special agent is close to home 6 letters NEGATE
It’s spicy on all sides today 3 letters HOT
Some characters in revolutionary minority club 4 letters IRON
Community revenue produced by Mark’s replacements 5 letters EUROS
Sign of the things to come over in Bournemouth 4 letters OMEN
Witty remark produced by detective taken in by outrageous gamer 7 letters EPIGRAM
Dances excitedly with Victor in actor’s adaptation 7 letters CAVORTS
Presumably they can be zealous about spreading the good news to get trendy converters? 13 letters HOTGOSPELLERS
Pleasure trips to tour Tunis? Go! 7 letters OUTINGS
Music producer consumed by video Box Set backtrack 4 letters OBOE
Start liking reports of what the filmmaker produced at a second attempt 6 letters TAKETO
Motorway divides Lough in Royal Trim 6 letters ERMINE
It’s uncommon to dig up in danger area 4 letters RARE
Holy smoke! Driver is dropping off dinner service? 7 letters INCENSE
With these how could you lose stolen pets? 13 letters HOTFAVOURITES
Popular type led the charge to promontory out of impetuosity 13 letters HOTHEADEDNESS
Even with letters in hand Avril shot first with rifle produced by right-hand man 7 letters ADVISOR
Mediterranean island hogs removed from cargo ship 5 letters CAPRI
Glen and others in Dublin for drinks 5 letters DALES
Place up in Marseilles 3 letters LIE
It’s no hardship being brought up in manufacturing 3 letters FUN
Confirm clip is of leading rider 7 letters PROVISO
Bill Marsh is writing to lover 7 letters ADMIRER
Dip in fan noise on some audible backtrack 6 letters HUMMUS
Fiddle with tailpiece? You got me there! 6 letters TOUCHE
Overseas lock-up on the outskirts of Braunschweig 4 letters BRIG
Made from Medieval type of spirit that’s not good 4 letters EVIL

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