Irish Times Crosaire Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

It’s a wrench for 15 across to set off with clothes in a mess 13 letters MONKEYJACKETS
Turkish or German worker 7 letters OTTOMAN
Overall officer finds work for the French painter of popular local legends in the past? 7 letters ELGRECO
Get rid of that obsession to kiss me quick on both sides 4 letters KICK
It’s even at the end of 5 down 5 letters LEVEL
Trademark Cajun sample served up from the pack 4 letters JACK
Some trace element a pescatarian will find tasty 3 letters EEL
Sounds angry almost short losing the head with cowardly type 6 letters YELLOW
Naughty beastly type starting for all sides today 6 letters MONKEY
Even aphid lion found in one of the beds is an aid to those flying 7 letters COPILOT
The action of making use of boxer starting off on bit of filming 6 letters UPTAKE
Reviews short broadcast by two accountants and one of the Wattles from Australia 6 letters ACACIA
Local criminal in gaol is consumed by innocence on reflection 3 letters CON
It means nothing to a round figure? 4 letters ZERO
Al Capone dismisses pal as a crafty type capable of sending you down the river 5 letters CANOE
Ruth from Yarmouth is found in Ireland 4 letters MAYO
Mournful type of European starting to play Gaelic 7 letters ELEGIAC
Briefly unable to talk to spy not finished producing arsenic for one 7 letters MUTAGEN
Plants in boggy terrain produced by swinger from wild bunch perhaps 13 letters MONKEYFLOWERS
Type of illusion in unstable coal pit 7 letters OPTICAL
It’s deposited when ice melts around Kaffir limes 4 letters KAME
Jerk on drugs from The New Yorker 6 letters YANKEE
Foreign examination of a flat 6 letters ALEVEL
Pain from speaking to those holding drink 4 letters KEGS
One of the Windsors getting support has a hold on one of those in the living room? It could be curtains! 7 letters TIEBACK
Chilean pines for the posers behind primate 13 letters MONKEYPUZZLES
One of those at The Abbey adaptation? Yes roughly producing plays in the Zoo presumably! 13 letters MONKEYSAROUND
Meat from side of mutton is found in makeshift oven 7 letters VENISON
Too confident there’s no bedlam in black comedy 5 letters COCKY
Local butcher because of this heads to church 5 letters BOTCH
Stroke of bad luck concealed by Jesse Owens on reflection 3 letters WOE
Bird not able to fly from deep ditch with no tail 3 letters MOA
In retrospect old railway heading out of train station might blow those away in the shipping game 7 letters TORPEDO
The cost to someone getting last oyster plate 7 letters CHARGER
From what’s been heard you won’t forget this is caught from yacht at sea 6 letters CATCHY
It’s not irrational to be ordinary 6 letters NORMAL
Brief Henry VIII for one on weekend perversion 4 letters KINK
Tom Sawyer doesn’t get Mayor Gumbo? 4 letters STEW

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