Irish Times Crosaire Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Got along with party after hearing hotel worker 6 letters MADEDO
Contaminates with most European instruments that are no longer fashionable 8 letters POLLUTES
Set off strikes with uncertainty 4 letters RISK
The volume of the foreigners coming to Ireland completely dismissed by the locals on a staycation 10 letters PHRASEBOOK
Investigates The Last Word over cover-up 6 letters PROBES
Key in building – ransack for fast food 8 letters SNACKBAR
One of those taking a chance on balance performing on The Wire 15 letters TIGHTROPEWALKER
Setting up racket in gangster’s organisation from island 8 letters TRINIDAD
After hours cuts tofu and piece of bacon 6 letters RASHER
Employed by Stockholders’ Board to find the French diamonds in ship 10 letters STABLELADS
Watering holes for both sides at Battle of Poitiers 4 letters BARS
Workers heading off for what sounds like days to lobby 8 letters ENTRANCE
Old biographies of those in the oil business 6 letters OLIVES
Posing less difficulty for loner from Sierra Leone 6 letters EASIER
Holding up the barbecue with sides of devils on horseback 4 letters DECK
Writer doing his writing in bars produced Morse cop novel 8 letters COMPOSER
Cross Swords with those characters from drinks party 4 letters SPAR
State of a petition in American city 6 letters ALASKA
More than shocked by Halloween decorations produced by deadheads? 10 letters NUMBSKULLS
Look at Oriental paper 8 letters DECORATE
Where you might find the publicans or corrupt landlords that have been put away? 10 letters BEHINDBARS
Serving up hummus and salsa around appetising starter that’s tasty 5 letters SAPID
Two of the Kings of Ireland one upset by heartless taunt that’s a thorn in someone’s side 8 letters IRRITANT
Study group with Labour’s Spring 8 letters WORKSHOP
Cutting out reports or adding a colourful feature 6 letters DYEING
It’s lax from Alexander – a reputation perhaps acquired deservedly 6 letters EARNED
Some revolutionary renegade wasn’t lost for words 4 letters AWED
Spot barrister ringing to attract local attention 4 letters BOIL

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