Irish Times Crosaire Crossword October 16 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword October 16 2021 Answers:

Type of vote at the start of 14 across 6 letters POSTAL
Chatting after school or after game 8 letters STALKING
Run out of extreme programming in Ireland 6 letters EXPIRE
A VIP’s problem upsets agent – a real snake named after two crawlers? 8 letters ASPVIPER
Bully-boy tactics – essential if you’re carrying weight 9 letters STRONGARM
Supports raised in Donetsk cabinets 5 letters BACKS
Formerly employed by those transferring money from The Job on gangster instructions 12 letters POSTALORDERS
Flower section is to impress for example one of the Hawaiian Missionaries 12 letters POSTAGESTAMP
Dance member from Ring 5 letters LIMBO
Vote in old police station introducing those synonymous with The Wire 9 letters ELECTRICS
No hints in Christian name from us? 8 letters AMERICAN
Learnt builder provided temporary accommodation 6 letters RENTAL
Deer consuming mostly rubbish is emblematic of a bad regime in the past 8 letters SWASTIKA
Rogue leaders of Roman Empire from small small groups 6 letters CADRES
Exercises bookmaker at a wake close to tears (5-3) 8 letters PRESSUPS
Fishy suppers and last drinks to keep down 8 letters SUPPRESS
No lease for aeroplane’s parking space at the airport 5 letters APRON
Book covers tips for surgeon on a ward? That’s only partially true! 12 letters TOSOMEDEGREE
Deep affection for those building nests for parrots 9 letters LOVEBIRDS
One foreign politician getting to make a scene or that’s the impression 6 letters IMPACT
Loud head barman knocks back most of the local whiskey 6 letters GARISH
Congratulate in a manner of speaking short old Egyptian briefly surrounded by mob 12 letters PATONTHEBACK
Hits goalpost bending around one making excuses for The Defence 9 letters APOLOGIST
Outlaw loses the head with relative supporting one of those taking flight? 8 letters BANISTER
Presumably the work of a man of letters is to run sit sleep? 8 letters EPISTLES
Every second character in Carlow speaks off the top of head without fail 6 letters ALWAYS
Parasite in a crowd outside The Orient Academy 6 letters AMOEBA
Central actor in Heat adapted from a Greek character 5 letters THETA

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