Irish Times Crosaire Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Twenty-one and drawing straws? Presumably the gamblers find them irresistible! ( 13 letters GAMESOFCHANCE
A requirement covering iodine sulphur and strong flavouring 7 letters ANISEED
Picks up a mostly blue diamond that’s cut in a perfect state 7 letters NIRVANA
What’s holding the water from overflowing the banks of reservoirs in Zimbabwe? 4 letters EWER
Matches 15 across with the last of the bachelors 5 letters GAMES
What players look forward to after training on all sides today 4 letters GAME
Play with what’s in every other sample served up 3 letters TOY
Is much better at running Sam out of state firm 6 letters FITTER
A steady flow produced by master switch 6 letters STREAM
Kid absorbed by those processing educational applications is going to university with Buck 7 letters CARIBOU
Former criminal to go straight 6 letters REFORM
Plays down in the dumps around ruin in retrospect 6 letters DRAMAS
The bar discovered in Delaware 3 letters LAW
Working in the kitchen Bernard is out of French Bread 4 letters CHEF
Type of green butcher? 5 letters GENRE
Arab ruler taken in by upsetting experiment 4 letters EMIR
Guarantees two points for certain at end of series 7 letters ENSURES
Type of characters on the slide 7 letters ITALICS
Mega problem for youngster and that man employed in the shoemakers – not one to give up 13 letters GAMETOTHELAST
Worker entertaining one of The Greens with old-fashioned fare 7 letters ALIMENT
Short meeting in Square 4 letters EVEN
Hold off getting a shirt that’s no longer fashionable 6 letters OLDHAT
Transport company on both sides of Vaudeville theatre in American city 6 letters CONVEY
Broadcasts matches without top players 4 letters AIRS
It’s an absurd pretence for Henry joining up with Dara in Clare 7 letters CHARADE
Springbok takes to old French sport with a ball – nightwatchman might be required to leave pavilion for this 13 letters GAMEOFCRICKET
Willing to take direction from the other woman working on The Field with classy types being taught a lesson 13 letters GAMESMISTRESS
Heartless revolutionary leader from China working with Native American 7 letters MOHICAN
Criticise writer upsetting Bellow 5 letters DECRY
Complete reversal for truculent missing Celt (1-4) 5 letters UTURN
Hit hard by what Bismarck’s holding up 3 letters RAM
Mess around dropping manures in the grass patch 3 letters SOD
Those in Iris’s family flip over answer if around fortune teller 7 letters FREESIA
Recalls opening school and institute in European capital by initially monetising one’s personal accounts 7 letters MEMOIRS
Unties the French swimming togs 6 letters LETSGO
Comedian covers for artist getting high? That’s the spirit! 6 letters WRAITH
In alignment with square on nice street 4 letters TRUE
Some Camellia Japonica picked up in Mountjoy 4 letters JAIL

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