Irish Times Crosaire Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

One of The Stones’ Gospel music loses gloss 6 letters PUMICE
Aide lost ground in the middle of nowhere 8 letters ISOLATED
Drop a line to one of those in 26 across 4 letters FISH
Tenor and old composer getting heartless creepy looks from The Tourists 10 letters TRAVELLERS
Small romance about bachelor going steady perhaps 6 letters STABLE
Making fun of those doing a job in Ring? 8 letters CLOWNING
Freud’s analysis of Frank Bond 15 letters FREEASSOCIATION
Drop off by open field near lough on holiday 8 letters FLAKEOUT
The limits to nomenclatures in a roundabout way comes as a lesson to anyone who hears it 6 letters SERMON
Quick study by department on the greatest business enterprise ends in disgust 10 letters SCANDALISE
Bank’s hidden assets in pounds 4 letters HITS
Our silly problem is based on a misconception that’s not real 8 letters ILLUSORY
On reflection sounds like it’s too dry for a champagne and for a fish dinner 6 letters TURBOT
Stir up panic – the traditional type that’s uncompromising 6 letters PURIST
It’s apparent in uploaded photograph circulating of those rolling in dough 4 letters RICH
Is moving about too much on top of raw steel shifting on ship 8 letters RESTLESS
Bit of improvisation required for getting into some countries 4 letters VISA
Do without Regius professor dropping surprises 6 letters FOREGO
Has-been introducing Foster and Allen to Rats’ backtrack 10 letters FALLENSTAR
Colleague gets some teachers to take a long hard look at it 8 letters PEERINTO
It’s about a family finishing song in back bar acting out ‘D-I-V-O-R-C-E ‘ 10 letters BREAKINGUP
Pull opening commentary from Yahoo 5 letters CLOUT
For checking who is there for the presents? 8 letters ROLLCALL
Local gives someone a going over in vets? 8 letters INSPECTS
Speaks volumes perhaps turning up for work schedule with reduced staff 6 letters ORATOR
Best local tofu salad to go with beef 6 letters OUTFOX
Pass off displays as a pastoral view of America 4 letters IDYL
As a poet might say – listen to duets from Turk’s Head 4 letters HARK

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