Irish Times Crosaire Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Large numbers at the end of 16 letters SCORES
Altogether sounded like one popular small place of learning for one of those in Trinity 8 letters INUNISON
Tax for opening or the most part 4 letters DIRT
A deep understanding of nervous flight in US 10 letters INSIGHTFUL
Sets up first-class school with a gent from the old country 6 letters PERSIA
Everyone is plain to see and you can’t get any better than that 8 letters ALLCLEAR
Arrange ancient types of music to avenge a wrong 15 letters SETTLEOLDSCORES
Television presenter prompts copper from East End in small Panda Cars for example 8 letters AUTOCUES
Is found in everything else in combat 6 letters RESIST
Lost for words by address in the delivery sense for Takeaway 10 letters SPEECHLESS
Danes leaving syndicate in Copenhagen for example 4 letters CITY
Drunk slugs ale with the birds in The Marina 8 letters SEAGULLS
Recalls the foreign offer is initially excellent and not hard to take 6 letters EDIBLE
Old writer with small kid in Clare 6 letters SCRIBE
Endless crude type of champagne 4 letters BRUT
Grounds overlooking motorway recalled by judge 8 letters ESTIMATE
Starters of fish in batter served with whoppers 4 letters FIBS
College student dismisses tense lot from club 6 letters CUDGEL
Local gossip is – Yard searches for daggers? 10 letters DIRTYLOOKS
Church leader admits university has openings for AI technology people 8 letters POPULATE
Irritates determined relative at Fringe 10 letters SETSONEDGE
Tin from Atlantis produced by Greek with the world on his shoulders 5 letters ATLAS
Provided for Sally in deep trouble 8 letters EQUIPPED
Drew attention serving up a number of jelly and ice creams for example 8 letters STRESSED
Philip in university for The Rising is inclined to be difficult 6 letters UPHILL
Give it time to rest as there’s no acidity primarily in Washington port 6 letters SETTLE
Borders of Easter Daisy required little effort 4 letters EASY
Start to case joint – the one the gambler might have in his possession 4 letters CHIP

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