Irish Times Crosaire Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Confirmation of mass meeting 13 letters CHURCHSERVICE
Hotel near foremost aquarium built complex for fish 7 letters HALIBUT
Take a look at liberal health and safety authority review by coquettish flutterer 7 letters EYELASH
Breach in snow formation off the summit 4 letters RIFT
Raised in Gulag lovage with a flower synonymous with Russia 5 letters VOLGA
Stand of late by the banks of Big Sioux River 4 letters BIER
Play with every other sample served up 3 letters TOY
Revere the angelic hydrogen green light 6 letters HALLOW
Where you might celebrate your faith in all sides today 6 letters CHURCH
Free beach? Ok you could dig yourself a hole with that! 7 letters BACKHOE
Listen secretively to conversation of others skint from waterskiing 6 letters EARWIG
Hear him or is it her? 6 letters GLORIA
Used by Potter characters among evacuees 3 letters CUE
A stylish and confident guy is guarded – did he lose the rag? 4 letters DUDE
Search party loses archer in The Fall Guy 5 letters PATSY
As keen as mustard backing female singer 4 letters AVID
A leading investor to rip off in Ulster city? 7 letters NAIROBI
Organisation is familiar with the mysteries of the world for example 7 letters UNKNOWN
A gathering of the father figures in Trent for example 13 letters CHURCHCOUNCIL
Kind of guidance at French university 7 letters HELPFUL
Covered up by Cesare Borgia’s houppelande for instance 4 letters ROBE
Stolen drug – that’s meat and potatoes to some people 6 letters HOTPOT
Primate leaves prayer meeting with enthusiasm 6 letters ENERGY
Scene with leads from Venus in Evening Wear 4 letters VIEW
Instrument Valerie picked up at institute in Clare close to Liscannor 7 letters CLAVIER
For those joining The Union in presence of Father of the Chapel this won’t appeal to mates going to a match with no faith 13 letters CHURCHWEDDING
Body of Christians taking Conflict Studies with those keeping order in the order 13 letters CHURCHWARDENS
One in scrum at match loses head in firm dispute that leads to exclusion 7 letters LOCKOUT
Bird produced fleece locally that’s popular 5 letters ROBIN
All the same without A-Team producing bomb 5 letters SHELL
Hourly pay cut for a comedian 3 letters WAG
Even Scrooge is a minor player 3 letters COG
Mao’s dinner? I’m scarlet for him! 7 letters REDDISH
Dishy type of Italian artist on endless fiddle 7 letters RAVIOLI
Old religious leader in church covers initial anger – it’s glossed over 6 letters CALIPH
US co-ed touring old European capital 6 letters ESCUDO
Heath reviews volume 4 letters MOOR
Cover for insolvent Local closing early 4 letters SKIN

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