Irish Times Crosaire Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Report from central Florence refers to The Dead 6 letters RELATE
Go too far with criminal chancer over nothing 8 letters ENCROACH
Goes bang by opening 4 letters POPS
Far and Away The Godfather and X-Men – the third produced without much difficulty 10 letters EASILYDONE
Part of the oboe backtrack enthralling record is more profound 6 letters DEEPER
One’s followers – they’re following more than one? 8 letters PURSUERS
Proposes marriage to someone from pet shop breaking-up with a poser 15 letters POPSTHEQUESTION
Doctors Pierce Victor and Earl diagnose a problem? 8 letters PERCEIVE
It is taken from listeria in the country 6 letters ISRAEL
Unwillingness to trace uncle at sea 10 letters RELUCTANCE
Type found on borders of Sonoran Desert 4 letters SORT
Closes with grill 8 letters QUESTION
Down in a rural setting where there’s no respite initially 6 letters COUNTY
Has done more than most to change what’s on television in the sticks 6 letters REMOTE
Poles on both sides of baseball players 4 letters BARS
Scientific investigation of damaged cars here 8 letters RESEARCH
Charges for bank’s feasibility studies 4 letters FEES
Comic loses the head – it’s to do with the viewers 6 letters OCULAR
Hatchet man employed to get rid of the dead wood from Nottingham Forest 10 letters WOODCUTTER
When icons are smashed in a serious of developments 8 letters SCENARIO
Blow over starter produced by graduate 10 letters PASSCOURSE
Nettle found on top of Carrauntoohil for example it’s said 5 letters PIQUE
Lifted the lid on old writer joining English party up north 8 letters OPENEDUP
Proof endive salad is from Clare 8 letters EVIDENCE
Read between the lines for composer from motion pictures 6 letters INTUIT
A sailor is about to flip over mistakes in the paper 6 letters ERRATA
Religious school after a French Revolution 4 letters NUNS
Obscene material found around rising tube worms 4 letters SMUT

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