Irish Times Crosaire Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Sets up trade agency for tropical fruits 6 letters PAPAWS
Hides half of Jacob’s smokes 8 letters OBSCURES
Where most peat is sourced is where grapes are grown? That’s a load of bull! 6 letters BOVINE
The foreign lieutenant in romance revealing a betrayal 8 letters TELLTALE
The meaty type behind vocal prop 9 letters RUMPSTEAK
On the trail of Sue from Features 5 letters AFTER
To take gold and a fair amount of emeralds from church worker – a dealer in Bordeaux 12 letters WINEMERCHANT
Swindle by new ring in British museum is close to audacious – and the author of suchlike? Presumably 14 across! 12 letters TASTINGNOTES
If you follow the advice in you might go on the road with these little ones 5 letters MINIS
Strike in Northern Ireland associated with rakes 9 letters DOWNTOOLS
Briefly curdle starter of Manchurian rice dish with aromatic powder 8 letters TURMERIC
A glove used by one in the herb garden 6 letters LOVAGE
Makes available to drink with port and red herrings? 8 letters SUPPLIES
The Press fail to win in court 6 letters CLOSET
Creep chases a stout dealer from a local tour 8 letters PUBCRAWL
Make way for London Police arresting Pole – the one obviously getting walked on 8 letters PAVEMENT
Ports opening in near Slea Head 5 letters WINES
She went berserk after short holiday – expose it by being first to go on Twitter 12 letters BREAKTHENEWS
Dishy type of officer gets fired from the base perhaps 9 letters COLCANNON
Sunday dinners of grub from Strasbourg 6 letters ROASTS
Is not very talkative about blunder by one of those in 6 letters SHERRY
Pick up a few tips from a swinger or go down the route of an autodidact on how to handle a racy type 12 letters LEARNTODRIVE
The average dandy in America has good intentions 9 letters MEANSWELL
German chap with the last of the clowns’ parlour pieces 8 letters OTTOMANS
In my opinion it’s easiest swimming around current? 8 letters ASISEEIT
Times broke scandal – the first of a number of hard-hitting blows poetically speaking 6 letters SMITES
Open to women following a foreign type of music 6 letters UNWRAP
Trollope dismissed Poe as an ugly monster 5 letters TROLL

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