Irish Times Crosaire Crossword January 24 2020 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword January 24 2020 Answers:

Clare consumes starters as near as possible to finger food 6 letters CANAPE
Pity an oddball following for example one of those in Africa 8 letters EGYPTIAN
One of those on The Screen from Rising Revenue Commissioners and old police force 6 letters CURSOR
Serves up vegetable range mostly from recipe and pass out 8 letters KEELOVER
Come across recording on The Blues 9 letters TRACKDOWN
A signal to pick up a Dior dress 5 letters RADIO
Got pregnant after being unwell and it wasn’t planned with any great thought (3-9) 12 letters ILLCONCEIVED
Ridiculous rate for taking in doctor from hospital ward where one keeps the bodies in the mortuary 12 letters REFRIGERATOR
Reply to ancestor’s missing sons 5 letters REACT
Group of musicians presumably familiar with the beat? 9 letters GARDABAND
One member of overseas Special Forces nearly gets drunk at The Tap – it holds the ship up! 8 letters SEAWATER
Quarrel is over writing that will give one the heebie-jeebies 6 letters FRIGHT
Without a joint it won’t have you in stitches 8 letters SEAMLESS
Blind panic on first tee leads to inaccuracy 6 letters TERROR
Jasper is not part of practical jokes in Manhattan? 8 letters COCKTAIL
As a rule Molly ran organisation 8 letters NORMALLY
Man in The Robe heading off in pursuit of place to noisily put down 5 letters PLONK
Eco-friendly grasses on local types employed in the nursery 12 letters GREENFINGERS
Cold beastly type cut back support to woman covering staff leading artillery regiment 9 letters POLARBEAR
Inadvisable to remove basil or move into other parts of the plot 6 letters INVADE
Not the first pointer tightly defined 6 letters NARROW
They appreciate 22 across for instance in the audience 12 letters CONCERTGOERS
Uncork for heartless Count? Port from free bar presumably! 9 letters OPENTOALL
Ill at ease with writing in The Outsider 8 letters STRANGER
A stalker of The Animals and Teardrop Explodes 8 letters PREDATOR
Conservative teacher retires from institute and school in The Emergency 6 letters CRISIS
Costa Rican neighbour a worker from press agency retires completely 6 letters PANAMA
Grant said yes to Trim? 5 letters AGREE

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