Irish Times Crosaire Crossword January 16 2020 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword January 16 2020 Answers:

Follows Robin Ring around for a bit of devilment 6 letters HOODOO
Last of the sauce opened up in a Bandon takeaway 8 letters EVACUATE
Rocky Guy admits Central Ireland is not much to look at 4 letters UGLY
Clip of The Omen characters with distinctive marks 10 letters SIGNATURES
Stood in awe of what’s in spread or editorial 6 letters ADORED
Sick characters welcome heroic blockbusters sold to those with a mountain to climb 8 letters ICEPICKS
Most of following with John Hancock the one that’s not genuine 15 letters FORGEDSIGNATURE
Abandoned in The House by a socialist 8 letters LEFTWING
Weekend in revolutionary Cuba playing the lead or support? 6 letters BACKUP
One comical show-off never wastes a laugh presumably 10 letters ECONOMICAL
Put up with closing time in public house 4 letters BEAR
One who knows the merit of what’s involved in detailed price primarily for admission to The Hill 8 letters VALUATOR
Gear that’s essential for a cast 6 letters TACKLE
Recreated Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks in Old Penny Smith’s place from the start 6 letters FORGED
Ill at ease daydreaming missing Miranda 4 letters EDGY
Cuts by paper’s editor lacking balance 8 letters LOPSIDED
An overseas hazard for those involved in December getaway 4 letters BERG
Head of department isn’t finished with master 6 letters MANAGE
Visionary is in charge of what’s been produced by Tomorrow’s World 10 letters FUTURISTIC
Runner welcoming exposure is a public exponent of The Strip 8 letters STREAKER
Where you might put the chalk in the snooker club for the perfect moment 10 letters RIGHTONCUE
Sickening without Ken’s topping 5 letters ICING
Octave or movement from Ulster the type that’s worn out? 8 letters OVERCOAT
No ability to ignore leading American patricians 8 letters NOBILITY
Convict at one time lost toe 6 letters INMATE
A Blues fan at someone’s disposal 6 letters USABLE
The joker from No 10 4 letters CARD
Opens from the rear 4 letters BACK

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