Irish Times Crosaire Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

Reserved object reaches closing price 6 letters DEMURE
Recent delivery to novice 8 letters NEWCOMER
An indulgence producing milk and honey 6 letters LUXURY
Rules etc. affected stern reprimands 8 letters LECTURES
Pimlico butcher in court is involved with others in illegal activity 9 letters COMPLICIT
Large antelope raised by Zoo’s foundation found in a cage linked to air-conditioning unit? 5 letters LUNGS
Change of mind leads to written protests with signatures and a number of fights in Ring for instance 12 letters COMPETITIONS
Mass gathering of people from The Services 12 letters CONGREGATION
Oversight over in Prince’s palace 5 letters LAPSE
Work out to achieve a figure perhaps? 9 letters CALCULATE
Very sour boss employed on site 8 letters SURVEYOR
Managed the police department when one is off for a long time? 6 letters RANCID
Statue destroyed by port yard in a cunning way 8 letters ASTUTELY
Made fun of sedate sort 6 letters TEASED
Food shop for cauliflower and cheese starters to go with unknown quantity of frogs’ legs for instance 8 letters DELICACY
Local mother with eleven family members producing the best possible results in snooker hall 8 letters MAXIMUMS
Close to Jenner on Russian River in the countryside 5 letters RURAL
Type of swimmers charged for killing – it’s dramatic for local old scoundrels who lose the head 12 letters ELECTRICEELS
Spies hiding American for time briefly isolated in part of Spain 9 letters CATALONIA
Do come off main road for harbour 6 letters MARINA
Struggle with weather? 6 letters RESIST
What those in the abbey are doing employing teachers providing a series of lectures for those likely to play the fool 12 letters ACTINGSCHOOL
It appeals to a couple of beloved runners getting away for the match 9 letters ELOPEMENT
Bankrolls men preparing to join The Union around middle of the month 8 letters FINANCES
Popular tenor finished with fianc?e 8 letters INTENDED
It’s in the blood? Raising sheepish types off the summit on mountain! 6 letters PLASMA
Enthusiasm for email from imperialist 6 letters SPIRIT
Neighbours lose the head with lawsuit with Fiat? 5 letters UKASE

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