Irish Times Crosaire Crossword January 14 2020 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword January 14 2020 Answers:

It’s not just below the belt 6 letters UNFAIR
Sponges from Sam Maguire and Christy Ring taking in Dundee for instance 8 letters CUPCAKES
Left for the journalist to make the connection 4 letters LINK
Helped out as expected with director on First Blood in new editions 10 letters DIDONESBIT
Fish starters: twenty-one to go with style of champagne served up 6 letters TURBOT
Supporter of smokers in for the most part and 8 letters PIPERACK
Dodge plot by one of those following game – the one who wants a personal souvenir on paper 15 letters AUTOGRAPHHUNTER
Gangsters in hold Sumo wrestling 8 letters HOODLUMS
Method to sympathisers with no parish 6 letters SYSTEM
Mixing damp cement in Split out of the blue 10 letters DECAMPMENT
Forked out for dirt cheap sides sent back 4 letters PAID
briefly gets stuck into what the chef is providing for the scout’s knapsack 8 letters PENKNIFE
One doing an unexpected stretch for this won’t be able to go on the run to catch up with gangster 6 letters TENDON
Inuit’s stew on the premises 6 letters INSITU
Framework of foreign driver’s weekend 4 letters RACK
One is a stalker of The Animals and Teardrop Explodes 8 letters PREDATOR
Discourage dropping rogue’s LSD 4 letters ACID
Police order to end the lockdown? 6 letters OPENUP
They keep the pork fillet intact for cooking more than one of those similarly in 10 letters HAMSTRINGS
Nothing special about following doctor around Oxford 8 letters MEDIOCRE
Sounds like repositories of the count’s requirements for relatives from places of interest? 10 letters BLOODBANKS
Penny whistles for desserts with soft centre? 5 letters PIPES
Locked university broadcasting review by couple of writers 8 letters UNOPENED
Think twice about anaesthetist knocking out ants 8 letters HESITATE
Outstanding type of work one associates with interns 6 letters UNPAID
Runs daily and rides out without us 6 letters EDITOR
Some antecedents one associates with Genesis 4 letters EDEN
Authors lose it out of politeness? 4 letters PENS

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