Irish Times Crosaire Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Is getting out of Carlisle for a basement in Bordeaux 6 letters CELLAR
Drives away with skinhead in new Prelude 8 letters REPULSED
Limits to radiographic survey going all the way back 12 months 4 letters YEAR
Spartan handy gear reportedly studied by past masters who know a lot about Amazon and the Midas touch 10 letters GREEKMYTHS
No Lent in East Berlin or in Central Europe 6 letters SERBIA
Ulster Protestant leader is going steady and that’s refreshing 8 letters UPDATING
The odds on Hamlet’s dead father getting back his crown – bet that’s a slim possibility 15 letters AGHOSTOFACHANCE
Chewed over the small lake containing the foreign weeds at the centre 8 letters PONDERED
Plagiarises from Ibsen out of beastliness 6 letters STEALS
Tricky casino game for those excessively conceited 10 letters EGOMANIACS
Plays the lead for instance in Castaway? 4 letters ACTS
Union flips over for example atmosphere linked to strike 8 letters MARRIAGE
Outstanding type of work one associates with interns 6 letters UNPAID
Break a promise to Rocky Greene 6 letters RENEGE
Obscure miserable endless writing 4 letters BLUR
One can boast badly behaved child caught one thousand fish 8 letters BRAGGART
Gets caught up in sheer frustration of looking for work with nothing on 4 letters FREE
Added some alcohol to small fish dish for starter 6 letters SPIKED
Put down in deep hole that’s not dangerous to avoid taking risks 10 letters PLAYITSAFE
Chance I’m off operating on jaguars that aren’t running properly 8 letters MECHANIC
The old Queen presumably served in The King’s Arms? 10 letters BLOODYMARY
Not catered for in Hungary in a manner of speaking 5 letters UNFED
Unstable ageing or English architecture 8 letters GEORGIAN
Group of actors and the lead from Sive not in Exiles 8 letters CASTSOUT
A launch pad for the Sky series at a venue? 6 letters RUNWAY
Don’t adhere to restrictions locally for the French holiday 6 letters LETRIP
The zone on both sides of Arabian Sea 4 letters AREA
Snakes and newts removed from wasp’s nest 4 letters ASPS

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