Irish Times Crosaire Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Copy of The Paper 6 letters MIRROR
Pick up the threads of r?sum?? 8 letters CONTINUE
Took public transport starting off – the type that’s seen better days 4 letters USED
Put at risk by menace working on newspaper 10 letters THREATENED
Is capable of giving a clip around the ears for hurtful remark and that’s sounds like a mistake 6 letters BARBER
Spider in a rancid batter around side of haddock 8 letters ARACHNID
Deception produced by most of those in 26 across and 8 across going to school 15 letters SMOKEANDMIRRORS
Don’t speak to locals aliens or those lying about the kings and queens 8 letters BLANKETS
It’s not hard consuming heads of iceberg lettuce without effort? 6 letters EASILY
Of significance in the past to a port that’s a subject of Ancient Studies 10 letters HISTORICAL
Supports opposition inside up in the station 4 letters POST
They occupy those who come over The Border uninvited 8 letters INVADERS
Awful mess over the go-ahead to those with a habit 6 letters SMOKES
Hesitates not having the nap in the afternoon 6 letters SIESTA
Brigades dismissed base network 4 letters GRID
Canons caught ceremony at academy 8 letters CRITERIA
Make a lasting impression on Cliff’s missing piano 4 letters SCAR
American loses the head with a trim swimmer from European capital 6 letters ANKARA
Hung around with that girl from primary? Best friends ultimately with Basil and Rosemary when they’re together! 10 letters MIXEDHERBS
Is it better to rise up or run? 8 letters SUPERIOR
A family having great time in Bray employed in a place where there’s bread to be made 10 letters BAKINGTRAY
Found in Arabian desert and South American mountains 5 letters ANDES
Large numbers to exploit for the most part for those with pride 8 letters MILLIONS
Best possible result at university for one who is practically hard to please 8 letters IDEALIST
Uplifting study by Rex Russell gained through his work 6 letters EARNED
Catches the Italian getting up to tune in 6 letters LISTEN
Shoreline lacks oxygen for fish? 4 letters CAST
Topsoil – it’s removed from a small lake 4 letters POOL

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