Irish Times Crosaire Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Rear brakes on tricycle stop working 6 letters STRIKE
Is entitled to be a single chap 8 letters ELIGIBLE
Local Yank taken in by Ava Gardener going all way back 4 letters DRAG
Trim soulmate is charged for giving the nod 10 letters INTIMATION
American neighbour produced a new commercial welcomed by accountant 6 letters CANADA
Rubbish from America found in tins produced by those in 8 letters CANTATAS
Engineered a go-slow with 10 across to upset for example director 15 letters DRAGGEDONESFEET
Monitor resistance to witness 8 letters OBSERVER
Duck found in chopped up mince – the contents of a packet 6 letters INCOME
Rule out veto? 10 letters DISAPPROVE
Isolated without lost member of staff offering assistance 4 letters AIDE
Naughty act having last cigarette to smoke in a cushy office 8 letters SINECURE
Recognised there’s no need for dogs 6 letters CORGIS
The bones of seabird found in South Africa 6 letters STERNA
Folk legend is on the board 4 letters KING
Maiden drunk iced tea to treat an ailment 8 letters MEDICATE
Some coffee tea for three of those in yard 4 letters FEET
Contract workers perhaps losing rag in nightmare 6 letters HITMEN
Broadcast on bootlegging produced by those in Sky 10 letters AIRTRAFFIC
Ration out cook’s local tea 8 letters ALLOCATE
American and Arabian agent for the most part taking theatre’s material on the road 10 letters AGGREGATES
Thug leaves High Court with those who are likely to sing 5 letters CHOIR
Peaceful protest? After buff adds insult to injury! 8 letters RUBSITIN
What the witness produced at the bar perhaps for The Confirmation 8 letters EVIDENCE
The angel’s share perhaps in most of the barrel with port is acidic when top is taken off 6 letters VAPOUR
Was a huge success in Media developing end product 6 letters MADEIT
Individuals from India from Indonesia? 4 letters ONES
Broadcasts produced by Israelis dismissing lies 4 letters AIRS

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