Irish Times Crosaire Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Make a difference to the runner starting treatment in hospital 6 letters MATTER
Old boat returning with first officer consumed by martial arts workout from Indonesian volcanic island 8 letters KRAKATOA
Composed segment of physical map 4 letters CALM
Americans would consider this gas on a bike? Anyone with electric wheels locally would be looking for an alternative! 10 letters PETROLPUMP
American party taking in area on the outskirts of Listowel for the horse’s run on the racecourse 6 letters GALLOP
Positions of duck wings? 8 letters OPINIONS
Old French behind and most of those in? That’s open to debate! 15 letters MATTEROFOPINION
Official permission for a park sign in polar wild 8 letters APPROVAL
Mark’s successor gets Capital Punishment for extreme crime in our community 6 letters EUROPE
To help out criminal with expression of praise in statement 10 letters CONTRIBUTE
Little and Large? 4 letters SIZE
Find and bring back by meandering River Tee? 8 letters RETRIEVE
Supporter on The Hill consumes duck with the foreign drink a large one 6 letters DOUBLE
Unmanageable without legume or fruit 6 letters BANANA
Check both sides of Stewart’s Theorem 4 letters STEM
Material for a drawer in a school – the type anyone doing a rough sketch could draw on? 8 letters ARTPAPER
Weekend in South African and time for a game 4 letters SKAT
One taking shifts in the factory arising out of what the Buddhists say is enlightening 6 letters SATORI
Grecian map adapted by one of The Crusaders 10 letters CAMPAIGNER
College at the end of term in Arabian country has party for one going on The Missions 8 letters COMMANDO
Left to rehearse around old city with Dubliners and other bookish types 10 letters LITERATURE
County is short of waste material 5 letters OFFAL
Supported Dubs from the start after sanction 8 letters APPROVED
Puts on an act with unpredictable serpent around around Land’s End 8 letters PRETENDS
States where there’s nothing in crime and corruption 6 letters VOICES
This is one tough conundrum for instance 6 letters PUZZLE
Bruised missing rib and worn out 4 letters USED
Record for setting up duty free shops in a roundabout way 4 letters SPUD

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