Irish Times Crosaire Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Irish Times Crosaire Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Central to family story with unusual extreme background 6 letters MILIEU
Travelling car route with one working as an administrator in Brussels 8 letters EUROCRAT
In retrospect making ends meet on the outskirts of Dublin for one 4 letters TEAM
One of those in Elbow joining One Direction? Don’t knock them they sound amusing but they’re not! 10 letters FUNNYBONES
Can be raised to greet and acknowledge applause opening laboratory in hospital 6 letters BOWLER
It’s no good contacting the French Resistance in vehicle produced by those who are incompetent 8 letters BUNGLERS
Take issue with Barney breaking up fat chest 15 letters DISPUTETHEFACTS
It’s always poetic to be found in play area that’s not first class – from a crafty perspective 8 letters STEERAGE
The key to getting Noel out of New Orleans 6 letters ANSWER
Depends on what’s established by detective arresting revolutionary guy 10 letters PREDICABLE
Unable to stomach the extremes of hazardous waste 4 letters HATE
Where you’d expect to find Partridge when resting in conference? 8 letters PEARTREE
Farcical advertisement about empty transport going to old city 6 letters ABSURD
Old consul governor orator and theocratic is missing that? 6 letters CICERO
Caught up in dream lifestyle – the type you’d associate with those making a scene 4 letters FILM
Show a clean pair of heels to Bolt 8 letters RUNFORIT
Victor from a German bloodline 4 letters VEIN
Cold fish starters of Nanbanzuke produced by a children’s writer 6 letters CRAYON
From a classy perspective they should be the happiest group of swimmers to take your breath away it’s said 10 letters SCHOOLDAYS
Drink with retiring sailor – a little hairy fellow who’s a good swimmer 8 letters WATERRAT
They’re following the mouthy movement in a manner of speaking for university worker in the margins (3-7) 10 letters LIPREADERS
Get into hot water or come clean? 5 letters BATHE
Kept under lock and key in The Apprentice – it’s an eye opener for director 8 letters INTERNED
Dave retires at end of surveillance duty to work in the black economy 8 letters EVADETAX
Doctor officer and accountant all flying back by Concord 6 letters ACCORD
Puts on record ?- Lodge from a legal perspective is close to penniless 6 letters ENTERS
Isn’t out of benefits or that’s the criticism 4 letters BEEF
Outlet for hollandaise sides 4 letters HOSE

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