Irish News Quick Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Irish News Quick Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Helper 9 letters ACCESSORY
Possesses 4 letters OWNS
Dependence 9 letters ADDICTION
Visions 6 letters DREAMS
Filched 5 letters STOLE
Competitor 5 letters RIVAL
Way out 4 letters EXIT
Long 5 letters YEARN
Intellect 4 letters NOUS
Ant 5 letters EMMET
Kingly 5 letters REGAL
Young hen 6 letters PULLET
Devout 9 letters RELIGIOUS
Remotely 4 letters AFAR
Emissary 9 letters MESSENGER
Adjoining 9 letters BORDERING
Strive 9 letters ENDEAVOUR
Bounders 4 letters CADS
Decree 5 letters EDICT
Pay 6 letters SETTLE
Chamber 4 letters ROOM
Abundantly 5 letters AMPLY
Market stand 5 letters STALL
Illustrate 9 letters EXEMPLIFY
By law 9 letters STATUTORY
Bond 5 letters NEXUS
Succession 6 letters SERIES
Foreigner 5 letters ALIEN
Festival 4 letters FETE
Purple-brown 4 letters PUCE

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