Irish News Quick Crossword November 27 2021 Answers

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Irish News Quick Crossword November 27 2021 Answers:

Pompous 9 letters GRANDIOSE
Aged 3 letters OLD
Curse 11 letters IMPRECATION
Superintend 7 letters OVERSEE
Main 5 letters OCEAN
Rumpus 6 letters SHINDY
Spirit 6 letters METTLE
Decree 5 letters EDICT
Insult 7 letters AFFRONT
With diligence 11 letters ASSIDUOUSLY
Small child 3 letters TOT
Artifice 9 letters STRATAGEM
Edge 3 letters RIM
Frock 5 letters DRESS
Wild ass 6 letters ONAGER
Incident 7 letters EPISODE
Quarrelsome 11 letters CONTENTIOUS
Decoration 9 letters ADORNMENT
Hasty 11 letters PRECIPITATE
Indecency 9 letters OBSCENITY
Hates 7 letters DETESTS
Pantry 6 letters LARDER
Van 5 letters FRONT
Falsehood 3 letters LIE

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