Irish News Quick Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Irish News Quick Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Uninviting 9 letters UNSAVOURY
Bellow 4 letters ROAR
Kind helpful person 9 letters SAMARITAN
Not present 6 letters ABSENT
Mix 5 letters BLEND
Object 5 letters DEMUR
Rotate 4 letters TURN
Boat crew 5 letters EIGHT
Coil 4 letters WIND
Saunter 5 letters AMBLE
Long 5 letters YEARN
Repudiate 6 letters DISOWN
Translate 9 letters INTERPRET
Entanglement 4 letters KNOT
Mythical 9 letters LEGENDARY
Collapse 9 letters BREAKDOWN
Miserliness 9 letters PARSIMONY
Tidy 4 letters NEAT
Be of value 5 letters AVAIL
East 6 letters ORIENT
Genuine 4 letters REAL
Trap 5 letters SNARE
Start 5 letters BEGIN
Astonish 9 letters DUMBFOUND
Compensation 9 letters INDEMNITY
Implied 5 letters TACIT
Erase 6 letters DELETE
Swift 5 letters RAPID
At one time 4 letters ONCE
Beloved 4 letters DEAR

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