Irish News Quick Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Irish News Quick Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Insolvent 8 letters BANKRUPT
Copied 4 letters APED
Profit 4 letters GAIN
Cutting tool 8 letters SCISSORS
Gay 5 letters MERRY
Unavailing 7 letters USELESS
Predestined 13 letters
Decisive 8 letters CRITICAL
Sleigh 4 letters SLED
Sloth 7 letters INERTIA
Trivial 5 letters BANAL
Entrance 4 letters GATE
Ruminate 8 letters MEDITATE
Non-professional 7 letters AMATEUR
Relationship 7 letters KINDRED
Cinema (76) 13 letters
Versatile 7 letters PROTEAN
Obsolete 7 letters DISUSED
Respect 6 letters ESTEEM
Choosing 7 letters PICKING
Obvious 7 letters EVIDENT
Lives 6 letters EXISTS
Moment 7 letters INSTANT
Graceful 7 letters ELEGANT

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