Irish News Quick Crossword August 16 2022 Answers

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Irish News Quick Crossword August 16 2022 Answers:

Conflagration 5 letters BLAZE
Unfold (43) 7 letters OPENOUT
Feat 7 letters EXPLOIT
Drunkard 5 letters TOPER
Incivility 10 letters DISRESPECT
All-knowing 10 letters OMNISCIENT
Unmoving 5 letters STILL
Zeal 7 letters FERVOUR
Detergent 7 letters CLEANER
Circular 5 letters ROUND
Fawning 10 letters OBSEQUIOUS
Glad 5 letters HAPPY
Nought 4 letters ZERO
Janitor 6 letters PORTER
Throw overboard 8 letters JETTISON
Joined 7 letters COUPLED
Backward 10 letters RETROGRADE
Cheeky 8 letters INSOLENT
Unbeliever 7 letters INFIDEL
Tell 6 letters INFORM
Fashion 5 letters VOGUE
Unusual 4 letters RARE

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