Irish News Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Irish News Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Irish News Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Appear 4 letters SEEM
Tree 8 letters CHESTNUT
Comrade 4 letters MATE
Asks 8 letters ENQUIRES
Paris district (57) 12 letters
Agreement 6 letters TREATY
Arrival 6 letters ADVENT
Danseuse (66) 12 letters
Meditated 8 letters PONDERED
Motor-cab 4 letters TAXI
Seclusion 8 letters SOLITUDE
Remain 4 letters STAY
Feign 8 letters SIMULATE
Name 7 letters ENTITLE
Reputation 6 letters HONOUR
Fair transaction (64) 10 letters SQUAREDEAL
Norwegian 5 letters NORSE
Long tooth 4 letters TUSK
Episode 10 letters INSTALMENT
Infinite time 8 letters ETERNITY
Charm 7 letters ENCHANT
Serve 6 letters ATTEND
Cancel 5 letters ANNUL
Musical work 4 letters OPUS

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