Irish News Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Present the shipping account and you’ll get the bird! 8 letters BOATBILL
Fruit that’s not quite well-rounded 4 letters PLUM
What will grow we hear and yield 4 letters CEDE
A New Testament writer’s attributes! 8 letters ASCRIBES
Infernal Italian writer! 5 letters DANTE
Deliver the film scenery without charge (34) 7 letters SETFREE
How formulae are literally expressed 13 letters
The bird will make a track near the earth 8 letters LANDRAIL
The end of hostile movement will produce deep feeling 7 letters EMOTION
Some of the main casualties having their remains in Peru 5 letters INCAS
Don’t be absent-minded about one in society 8 letters REMEMBER
Above everything else it protects clothes 7 letters OVERALL
Mislays a work by Gilbert & Sullivan and gets annoyed (58) 13 letters
Generous interpretation of braille 7 letters LIBERAL
But this early play is not necessarily a whodunit 7 letters MYSTERY
Complaint involving one in mental disorder 7 letters AILMENT
Craft used by the firing squad? 7 letters GUNBOAT
Irving is in Germany 6 letters BERLIN
Not many could show the opposite 7 letters ANTONYM
Rank and generation showing one’s ancestry 7 letters LINEAGE

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