Irish News Cryptic Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

Approach the boss – it will disturb one’s good sense! (2244) 12 letters
In the shop an icy reception causes sudden fright 5 letters PANIC
Get to a part of the river 5 letters REACH
Pet notion of returning daffodil at first 3 letters FAD
Tyrant offers reporters oddly poor surroundings 9 letters OPPRESSOR
The Spanish still don’t get a dozen 6 letters ELEVEN
One can hardly wear them long 6 letters SHORTS
On which the record of reversed fortunes is placed? 9 letters TURNTABLE
Court of the greenwood folk 3 letters WOO
Command a fraternity 5 letters ORDER
Groan about gas production 5 letters ARGON
Pulling a document the draughtsman may need (75) 12 letters
Make feeling count in worshipful pose 12 letters
Possess some hollow notions 3 letters OWN
Peace’s way out 6 letters ESCAPE
It goes on foot as the cavalry know 9 letters HORSESHOE
In the morning the idiot will get a lot together 5 letters AMASS
Irascible cameraman? 12 letters
Chaplain lost article in confused display 5 letters PADRE
Utter defeat that may send the batsmen running? 9 letters OVERTHROW
Article on line in tree production 5 letters ROWAN
Get the old boy to put a can round 6 letters OBTAIN
He may dig his spurs in as a corollary 5 letters RIDER
There’s a vacancy when father gets up from the middle of the fight 3 letters GAP

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