Irish News Cryptic Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

There’s bound to be a charge for this current treatment (57) 12 letters
A mount one hears for the local dignitary 5 letters MAYOR
Food grinder 5 letters MOLAR
Almost benevolent members of the family 3 letters KIN
Trial marriage is an important sporting occasion! (45) 9 letters TESTMATCH
It’s pointedly one-eyed 6 letters NEEDLE
Responds to a hundred in tears very upset 6 letters REACTS
Parts also recast for bucolic compositions 9 letters PASTORALS
Spoil some of the firm arrangements 3 letters MAR
Disagreement in record company 5 letters CROWD
Drinking vessel seen in the window 5 letters GLASS
Price lists read in court! (66) 12 letters
Lively rate – at which the naughty child gets smacked? (84) 12 letters
Kind of note required for the tonic 3 letters KEY
Where sycophants show a nonconformist attitude within 6 letters HERESY
Is mindful about those in society 9 letters REMEMBERS
He’s likely to be above ground – but look in the mine! 5 letters PILOT
Suitably arranges the star score! 12 letters
First person incorporated within meat dish 5 letters MINCE
A requisition for a skyscraper for instance! (45) 9 letters TALLORDER
Miltonic piece the company must cut short 5 letters COMUS
Fish after tea – for seaweed! 6 letters TANGLE
Be quiet about many showing laziness 5 letters SLOTH
Timber fire will leave this 3 letters ASH

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