Irish News Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Find fault in a fishy way 4 letters CARP
Being fickle take a very short time about study 10 letters INCONSTANT
An appendage indeed but not general 8 letters DETAILED
The others take their ease 4 letters REST
Threads half result following lie 6 letters FIBRES
Show evidence heartlessly 6 letters EVINCE
Inexperienced as many will acknowledge 6 letters CALLOW
Convincing little man that he should join company 6 letters COGENT
Inclination to be crooked 4 letters BENT
What one uses to look at a spectacle 8 letters EYESIGHT
Sentence presumably follows firm belief 10 letters CONVICTION
Not a forward team 4 letters SIDE
Pursuing idol seen when one has averted one’s eyes 10 letters AFTERIMAGE
A drink made up in Italy 4 letters PISA
Musical balance in practice? 6 letters SCALES
Jumpy naturally enough in precarious position (24) 6 letters ONEDGE
Jumpy beginning? 8 letters STARTING
In haste tell the printer to let it stand 4 letters STET
Not the first worker not to be new (6-4) 10 letters SECONDHAND
About four give an account to kinsman 8 letters RELATIVE
To twist girl is about right 6 letters WRENCH
Minister goes round circle 6 letters CLERIC
Member of 22 perhaps has returned 4 letters BACK
Taverns at the poles perhaps 4 letters INNS

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