Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Accepts a neighbourly invitation – after an operation? (55) 10 letters COMESROUND
Director gets me in tune 5 letters AIMER
Dresses at first then grows weary 7 letters ATTIRES
Half-moon? (35) 8 letters ARCLIGHT
An overhead light 4 letters HALO
Not the sort of water-pipe seen in most houses 6 letters HOOKAH
Mark made by a skater perhaps 6 letters STREAK
Not the country I go out to win 4 letters TOWN
Have a touch of colour and be miserable (44) 8 letters FEELBLUE
Constant and determined 7 letters SETTLED
Single unfronted fireplace 5 letters INGLE
Such people look well in print 10 letters PHOTOGENIC
Such opera may not be taken seriously 5 letters COMIC
Sort of seat possibly alarming to a candidate! 8 letters MARGINAL
Was the wrong bandage 6 letters SWATHE
A preposition or two 4 letters ONTO
Go over a story and point to erroneous errata 7 letters NARRATE
They should let you down lightly 10 letters PARACHUTES
He likes people looking in at his window 10 letters SHOPKEEPER
Stable charge for a horse 8 letters STALLION
Looking out for a situation for the hands (25) 7 letters ONWATCH
Ship’s mascot for the ancient mariner? 6 letters SEADOG
It stands to reason 5 letters LOGIC
Even you could live in one! 4 letters FLAT

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