Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Some for sure 7 letters CERTAIN
Punished for disrupting a dance 5 letters CANED
Lower the standard perhaps 3 letters DIP
Please accept this gratuitous advice (423) 9 letters TAKEMYTIP
Bookmaker is not working but it doesn’t matter (524) 11 letters
He has a breathtaking job and has an inflationary effect on his products 11 letters
The handy way? 9 letters CLOCKWISE
It changes colour 3 letters DYE
A musical quality in harmony (23) 5 letters ATONE
Principal method of progress 7 letters HEADWAY
Mince pies having a brown colour 5 letters SEPIA
Litter depository? 3 letters STY
Very keen to do a turn as a singer 4 letters DIVA
Not hard cash (45) 9 letters EASYMONEY
Doesn’t let one forget about cares 7 letters REMINDS
Show preference for a type of shed (4-2) 6 letters LEANTO
Nasty moment for a poor loser (36) 9 letters BADSECOND
The Spanish weapons involved in the movement of arms 6 letters ELBOWS
Give a hoot! 7 letters ULULATE
Local regulation thus administered (2-3) 5 letters BYLAW
Staunch supporter 4 letters STEM
An occasion for trouble 3 letters ADO

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