Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 16 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 16 2021 Answers:

It’s handy to count on 6 letters ABACUS
A number of directors at sea 6 letters ABOARD
If a rule is broken it means you don’t win 7 letters FAILURE
Senior tree 5 letters ELDER
A vessel we turn and turn about 4 letters EWER
Altogether they produce a mouthful 5 letters TEETH
Far from pleased I indulge in abuse 5 letters IRATE
Famous old Venetian sport 4 letters POLO
A good man not well yet 5 letters STILL
I turned awkwardly not yet having taken the test 7 letters UNTRIED
Extent of one’s education 6 letters DEGREE
Safe rescue is organised 6 letters SECURE
Excused duty? (3-4) 7 letters TAXFREE
A case for the government 7 letters CABINET
Accommodate either way (32) 5 letters PUTUP
Doesn’t approve of material things? 7 letters OBJECTS
Two letters of convenient size 5 letters HANDY
Deck that is trouble to the Royal Navy 5 letters ADORN
Taking ill the odd nurse left 9 letters RESENTFUL
Tried to get well! 7 letters DRILLED
Large numbers of policemen hold a debt 7 letters COPIOUS
One still too young to take certain steps 7 letters TODDLER
A word in one’s ear from aides 5 letters ASIDE
Crest of a bird with part missing 5 letters RIDGE
Might be cold yet good tempered 5 letters STEEL

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