Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Ocean-battered boat 5 letters CANOE
Deceive by being insane about island 7 letters MISLEAD
Fence partly using abusive language 7 letters RAILING
Ties up boat on waste land … 5 letters MOORS
… otherwise Elsie doesn’t get one 4 letters ELSE
Obstinate remnant was brought into the world 8 letters STUBBORN
Leave off to put the crockery back 4 letters STOP
Little Edward’s whirlpool 4 letters EDDY
Potentially shocking 8 letters ELECTRIC
Inferior ground 4 letters BASE
Previous monastic leader 5 letters PRIOR
Atmosphere left where there are take-offs 7 letters AIRPORT
Rue gory knavishness 7 letters ROGUERY
Change at noon? 5 letters AMEND
Reproves the one who cries: it will clean the floor-covering (6-7) 13 letters
They could be driven in and slain 5 letters NAILS
Wickedness is something to live up to 4 letters EVIL
Powerful hit in gym brings confusion 6 letters MIGHTY
Important person thus introduced me to society 8 letters SOMEBODY
Come on – change youth leader: it makes for thrift 7 letters ECONOMY
Died without evil street being upset; how unselfish! 13 letters
No stamp required; the situation is vacant 8 letters POSTFREE
Endeavouring to have audience with monarch 7 letters SEEKING
Large girl having more than one husband 6 letters BIGAMY
A 50-1 possibility of being unaccompanied 5 letters ALONE
A region that makes a really good start 4 letters AREA

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