Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

The one who should get the post 9 letters ADDRESSEE
A bit of cover necessary for a bird 4 letters ERNE
Drawing of doorway with beam inside 9 letters PORTRAYAL
A camera attachment for the television enthusiast 6 letters VIEWER
A profession of faith beginning I believe 5 letters CREED
Make a cut – it’s almost serious 5 letters SEVER
Timber trade 4 letters DEAL
Clean up a gambling enterprise 5 letters SWEEP
Make a discovery – made to pay the penalty we hear 4 letters FIND
Tania changes her name 5 letters ANITA
By which one breathes in water – small quantities 5 letters GILLS
It’s a dreadful shame about one club 6 letters MASHIE
At-home sometimes affected by interference 9 letters RECEPTION
Clothes fasteners belonging to Margaret? 4 letters PEGS
Speed of departures? (5-4) 9 letters DEATHRATE
Doesn’t continue signs of the fall! (63) 9 letters LEAVESOFF
Having a deadening effect is frightening 9 letters UNNERVING
Where the draught comes from – put up the screen 4 letters DOOR
Palindromic part of the turbine 5 letters ROTOR
The main colour has become scorched 6 letters SEARED
The Spanish having an air of vivacity 4 letters ELAN
Makes close observations of noblemen 5 letters PEERS
They operate ships for one trip we hear 5 letters CREWS
Pleased to be carrying little weight in exploit 9 letters DELIGHTED
Uncomfortable when not standing at attention (3-2-4) 9 letters ILLATEASE
Opening up an unbeliever 5 letters PAGAN
Amuse Diana Green 6 letters DIVERT
Not so punctual 5 letters LATER
Before the start of the entertainment the girl is present 4 letters HERE
The kind of point for an old assembly 4 letters MOOT

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