Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

New part under construction in Belgium 7 letters ANTWERP
Get on a governing body 5 letters BOARD
Boring part 3 letters BIT
Anyway it’s where the customs may look (234) 9 letters INANYCASE
Legitimate justification for holding entertainment? 11 letters FAIRGROUNDS
It has been stirred up by modern paintings or Coventry’s rebuilding 11 letters
He goes to court for a simple quarrel 9 letters PLAINTIFF
Crafty insect? 3 letters FLY
Is in suspense 5 letters HANGS
Weapon range? 7 letters GUNSHOT
It is struck by forgers 5 letters ANVIL
A law breaking instrument 3 letters AWL
Might be in or even out 4 letters IRON
A crowd of a hundred heading the right way 9 letters CONCOURSE
Act as chairman but show partiality in advance? 7 letters PRESIDE
Falsely disloyal 6 letters UNTRUE
Bird which is not all crest 9 letters PARTRIDGE
The rest of the layers depend on them 6 letters ROOSTS
He brings you produce of mine 7 letters COALMAN
It facilitates the movement of arms 5 letters ELBOW
Odd fuel outlet 4 letters FLUE
Has turned into wood 3 letters ASH

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