Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Don’t turn your back on the children! (435) 12 letters
Softly I can somehow produce widespread alarm 5 letters PANIC
Broken seats are part of the estate 5 letters ASSET
Potter’s implement 3 letters CUE
Steel for example used for the foundation? (45) 9 letters BASEMETAL
Party’s upset by this food 6 letters PASTRY
Make an opening in part of the gun we hear 6 letters BREACH
Don’t catch up with a convict at the back (36) 9 letters LAGBEHIND
It’s difficult to hold when the top of the fishing tackle is missing 3 letters EEL
Country where father is caught in immoral action 5 letters SPAIN
What the diplomat needs about one being silent 5 letters TACIT
The right gear for the match (75) 12 letters
Put a gloss on a European combination! (66) 12 letters
Brown to process leather 3 letters TAN
She can somehow realise on investments 6 letters ENCASH
Faltered and made terms badly 9 letters STAMMERED
Disturbed aristocratic clique? 5 letters UPSET
Choristers who are officiating at the church bazaar? 12 letters
Stimulate in garden plot – put forth shoots 9 letters BURGEONED
The points should be adjusted for this part of the engine 6 letters PISTON
The range maybe is very extensive we hear 5 letters GRATE
Fish to be paid for when brought 3 letters COD

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