Irish News Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

It’s right for top actor to join the directors 9 letters STARBOARD
Strange ring worn by learned divine 3 letters ODD
Approach the lamp so as to be revealed (425) 11 letters COMETOLIGHT
Got out of the way with theologian coming round quite deceived 7 letters DELUDED
Frequently mollify missing skinhead 5 letters OFTEN
Amused a female who wasn’t nice to know 6 letters MEDUSA
Some of the side let everybody down – get rid of them! 6 letters DELETE
It takes a cool head and continuous pain to find a hiding-place 5 letters CACHE
Make a ripping removal (43) 7 letters TEAROUT
Not well and inclined to be not at all friendly (3-8) 11 letters ILLDISPOSED
Bill may take it as lovers do 3 letters COO
Fell back and received medical attention again 9 letters RETREATED
Also in the direction of nothing 3 letters TOO
Restrained Edward the graduate 5 letters BATED
Refer to everybody with due order 6 letters ALLUDE
Wild flower came up under animal (3-4) 7 letters DOGROSE
Visit the greyhound stadium and be ruined (2234) 11 letters
Mend a torn decoration 9 letters ADORNMENT
Curse the way men talk! 11 letters MALEDICTION
Popular government production of funny comedy about over-turned car 9 letters DEMOCRACY
All rest of stars in disturbance… 7 letters STELLAR
…restrictions are precisely defined in part 6 letters STRICT
The fruit of temptation… 5 letters APPLE
…by a woman the night before 3 letters EVE

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