Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

Loss of it can be humiliating 4 letters FACE
Follower lacking in discipline 8 letters DISCIPLE
Main plant source of iodine 7 letters SEAWEED
Knots sailors try to avoid 5 letters REEFS
Giggling drunkenly? (66) 12 letters
Love to wander about for fruit 6 letters ORANGE
One girl that is after another 6 letters LASSIE
It generally shows the way we are going (75) 12 letters
As a hunter he’s highly placed 5 letters ORION
Useless until changed inside that is 7 letters INUTILE
Poor lines of communication? 8 letters DOGGEREL
Beaten hollow 4 letters DENT
It may be found at the end of the line (44) 8 letters FISHHOOK
Sound as a bell 5 letters CLANG
Easterner brings up help in the tavern 6 letters INDIAN
Round trip? (84) 12 letters
When about fifty she is unequalled 7 letters PEERESS
Oriental blend of teas 4 letters EAST
Shown by one looking for scraps? 12 letters
Exhausted and insensitive to rhythm (44) 8 letters DEADBEAT
A pondering that’s funny 7 letters AMUSING
All there when I enter in some agitation 6 letters ENTIRE
Those chosen from the literary circle 5 letters ELITE
Mercury will go down with it – so may others! 4 letters COLD

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