Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Seizing the cattle and knowing what is in store 11 letters STOCKTAKING
Churchyard inscription to produce a tear 3 letters RIP
A monstrous creature – he gets involved with the law 5 letters WHALE
Gossip about the Spanish high churchman 7 letters PRELATE
Degree of precision among Romanic etymologists 6 letters NICETY
Lend a hand when it’s spoilt by fool 6 letters ASSIST
Revolutionary principal having reputation of fiery temper? (3-4) 7 letters REDHEAD
Power – that’s a word indicating some uncertainty 5 letters MIGHT
It’s manners to change the decorations 9 letters ORNAMENTS
Show disapproval of unfinished volume 3 letters BOO
Non-utility state 11 letters USELESSNESS
Put a screw thread on the faucet 3 letters TAP
This provides good hiding – a hundred feel pain! 5 letters CACHE
An inclination in a back street to find vagabonds 6 letters TRAMPS
Christopher’s taking in a number of young animals 7 letters KITTENS
Raced up to a sailor spinning a yarn 9 letters NARRATING
Part of the house used as artist’s studio? (74) 11 letters
Not a fit face for an assumption of pretence 11 letters AFFECTATION
A certain amount of gas by nearly everybody produces hot air! 7 letters THERMAL
A university man is classically handsome 6 letters ADONIS
Mother and child featuring in ‘The Master Builder’? 5 letters MASON
Transport that is fully employed endlessly 3 letters BUS

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