Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

The girl wants five hundred for the building 4 letters SHED
The theatre is the scene of these 10 letters OPERATIONS
Neatherd disturbed by a partisan 8 letters ADHERENT
Kind of board associated with Christmas 4 letters CARD
Bound to be beaten 6 letters LASHED
One who gives a service 6 letters PRIEST
Is told to be unwavering 6 letters STOLID
Indicate non-acceptance of what is rejected as worthless 6 letters REFUSE
Seize part of the crane 4 letters GRAB
Revs will need adjusting in actual turn-round 8 letters REVERSAL
Edits a clue and makes things clear 10 letters ELUCIDATES
Those things will be put in with emphasis 4 letters THEM
He is in charge of a class system 10 letters HEADMASTER
Exhausted a description of what has been accomplished 4 letters DONE
Put up some resistance being fed up with an extreme point 6 letters DEFEND
American petrol controller? (33) 6 letters GASTAP
Perverse behaviour – feel the absence of a leader we hear 8 letters MISCHIEF
Accustomed to being incorporated in rigorous education 4 letters USED
Opposition to electrical component 10 letters RESISTANCE
Don’t completely support the footballer (44) 8 letters HALFBACK
Scoff a selection from the larder I decided 6 letters DERIDE
Strive to twist metal fasteners 6 letters RIVETS
Is this sung for joy? 4 letters GLEE
The others take life easy 4 letters REST

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