Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

The spirit of the over-venturesome 5 letters VERVE
Does old inconsequential designs 7 letters DOODLES
They pinch children 7 letters NIPPERS
Musician seen in Chapel Gardens 5 letters ELGAR
Restricted we hear but free to come in and go out 4 letters TIDE
In which there’s many a patient rehearsal 8 letters PRACTICE
Poisonous growth from Pennsylvania in America 4 letters UPAS
He has progressed to some degree and remains unmatched 8 letters BACHELOR
Stimulus needed to produce endless acceleration 4 letters SPUR
One needs to do business to achieve this 5 letters IDEAL
Beginning to make a breach 7 letters OPENING
Shows contempt for a bad deed sir 7 letters DERIDES
Italian unable to see window fitting (85) 13 letters
Quick and quiet in attack 5 letters RAPID
A word of agreement by eastern observers 4 letters EYES
What is wanted of French king 6 letters DESIRE
Garment that’s worn out 8 letters OVERCOAT
Fuel to set fire to after the end of the coal! 7 letters LIGNITE
Waits upon you and me properly – it’s our fault! (625) 13 letters
Put a name to the boy embracing the pretty girl 8 letters LABELLED
Faint – when relative arrives? 7 letters UNCLEAR
This clue won’t hold water 6 letters POROUS
Previously the Father of the House? 5 letters PRIOR
Chain of rocks here – furl the sails 4 letters REEF

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