Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Hinder by anticipation everybody going to the woods 9 letters FORESTALL
I had gone after father – but not for nothing! 4 letters PAID
Mathematical instrument used when tennis scores are level? (36) 9 letters SETSQUARE
Rig one area 6 letters REGION
About five observed? No more than five 5 letters SEVEN
Lost article in the sea 5 letters THESE
Or back the politician for a frolic 4 letters ROMP
Memento taken from derelict building 5 letters RELIC
Complete defeat for May in comparison with Mary 4 letters ROUT
Outer way taken 5 letters ROUTE
More than a second interval in music 5 letters THIRD
If depressed it might throw light on the matter 6 letters SWITCH
Breed elms that looked like something else 9 letters RESEMBLED
No backing at 50 to 1 for the royal beast 4 letters LION
Bars trend to showing big breed of dog (27) 9 letters STBERNARD
Be merciful to ancient city; slimmers want to get rid of it! (54) 9 letters SPARETYRE
Pick only those who are married for special treatment? (63) 9 letters SINGLEOUT
Frank has nothing to write 4 letters OPEN
Follow in green suede shoes 5 letters ENSUE
Excursionist’s car goes right after mistaking the way in 20 6 letters TOURER
Bird provides an amusing incident 4 letters LARK
Not drunk like this at the end of December? 5 letters SOBER
In order that the cover shall not be hollow… 5 letters SOLID
… see this is lower but unable to cope (3222) 9 letters NOTUPTOIT
Foreman perhaps has the mastery (54) 9 letters UPPERHAND
A lot of people boast 500 joined 5 letters CROWD
Wrongly hit the first woman to steal 6 letters THIEVE
Bird is almost getting dressed up? 5 letters ROBIN
One can do better than this rhythm 4 letters BEAT
The prophet evidently has eyes 4 letters SEER

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