Irish News Cryptic Crossword August 6 2022 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword August 6 2022 Answers:

Admit he was a former 10 Down of the 21 5 letters GRANT
Mindful of hostilities out east 5 letters AWARE
Attempt to score in a game? 3 letters TRY
Only half proper and harsh but keep on trying 9 letters PERSEVERE
How the car crossed the river? 6 letters FORDED
Got rid of sailor who scattered oil on hut 9 letters ABOLISHED
Acquire some strange things 3 letters GET
Glee a bird disturbed 5 letters EAGLE
Former turn is accurate 5 letters EXACT
Being as one avers great power results (66) 12 letters
What a writer might have on his bed? (525) 12 letters
Father goes to southern resort 3 letters SPA
They have a definite stage in their lives 6 letters ACTORS
Six feet under here – it’s serious having three feet! 9 letters GRAVEYARD
Escape publicity during the night before… 5 letters EVADE
…Eric’s notable festivities 12 letters
A grey made brighter 5 letters GAYER
I’d go in now as leader of the 21 9 letters PRESIDENT
When such a mare can be quite fearsome 5 letters NIGHT
Could be dearth of fibre 6 letters THREAD
Groan about a music-maker 5 letters ORGAN
Fitting beginning to 8 10 and 9 3 letters APT

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