Irish News Cryptic Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

There’s nothing unfair about having only two candidates (85) 13 letters
Hector to see to what I have with hesitation 8 letters DOMINEER
I object to the doctor getting a note 4 letters MEMO
Going by air is loud but not heavy 6 letters FLIGHT
Treat badly though not fit to employ (3-3) 6 letters ILLUSE
Is this bird never satisfied? 6 letters GROUSE
Rush as a cavalryman emerges 6 letters HUSSAR
Conspiracy to put fifty in cooking-vessel 4 letters PLOT
There must be lots to offer here 8 letters SALEROOM
It carries the wire that carries the wire (94) 13 letters
He walks leisurely along the street with a wave 8 letters STROLLER
Fence losing colour 6 letters PALING
Go back again to the monster 4 letters OGRE
Does it add a twinkle to sea life? 8 letters STARFISH
Gloomy part of the legend is malicious 6 letters DISMAL
Pretend mash is mashed 4 letters SHAM
Try a sure way to get to where the money is 8 letters TREASURY
A mount for a naval rider? 8 letters SEAHORSE
Not bound to change in duet 6 letters UNTIED
Fights for the leftovers 6 letters SCRAPS
Doesn’t stand for falsehoods 4 letters LIES
What the cat does in the race? 4 letters LAPS

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